Electric And Sanitary

Electric And Sanitary

Home Wirring

Electrical wiring can be tricky—especially for the novice. That’s why it’s usually best to hire a professional for anything other than a simple job. Otherwise, you could risk injury, damage or fire. If you do plan to complete a DIY project that has an electrical component, there are some basic things to know about wiring installation.

When you’re doing wiring installation, you need to identify the parts of the wiring cable, the non-metallic electrical cable: the outer sheathing (the jacket) and the inner wires. The colored “wire” you see—the green, black, red, blue or white—is actually the sheathing that covers the inner copper wires.

Electric And Sanitary

Home Sanitary

Sanitation theory therefore emphasizes the importance of cleanliness and absence of germs and provision of facilities to achieve such absence (Wasike, 2010) . According to (Wall, Genthe, Steyn and Nortje 2012), sanitation theory states that microorganisms are responsible for infectious diseases.

Showering and bathing regularly. Keeping hair clean hair and covered or tied back. Keeping clean clothing and footwear that is used only at work. Handwashing regularly. Using clean utensils for tasting food. Using separate cloths for cleaning and wiping plates.