Porta Cabin

Porta Cabin

Fire Rated Cabins

Where temporary site accommodation or storage is positioned close to an existing building it must be a fire rated standard to protect the adjacent premises. Fire rated as Category A, our units are manufactured to exceed BS476 requirements and meet the recommendations in the Joint Code of Practice on the Protection from Fire of Construction sites and Buildings Undergoing Renovation.

Cabins can be combined to create secure office space, welfare facilities and storage. These units can be stacked side by side to height of 4 storeys, with link corridors between units and external staircases.

Porta Cabin

Plastic / Plywood / Steel Cabins

Plastic materials are used in several ways in home construction. Plastic has useful properties such as water resistance, corrosion resistance, electrical insulation, and durability. Here we are using the common meaning of the word "plastic": a synthetic moldable solid. Among the uses of plastic in home construction

These are increasingly being made out of plastic such as PVC instead of metal because PVC is cheap, corrosive resistant, light, and somewhat flexible

Porta Cabin

Shipping Container

Mr Box supplies new and second-hand shipping containers in a range of sizes and designs for sale. There are numerous designs of shipping container, but the majority are what are termed “dry van containers”, these carry general freight. There are other designs such as refrigerated containers for transporting deep-frozen or chilled cargoes, and others which are generally called “special containers” (see below) These tend to be specifically designed for certain cargoes.

All shipping containers must conform to international standards such as ISO, UIC, TIR, and CSC. Because containers are mass produced and designed for a harsh marine environment, they lend themselves to a cheap, moveable, and secure storage unit.